Vera, Mariel, and Nolen with the magical teamwork, taking out one of their pursuers!

Surprise! I know, y’all didn’t expect an update, right? I wanted to post the entire car chase scene at once, but this year has been A Lot. Arcane Eon is always my favorite priority, but I needed to put paying my bills and putting my girlfriend through school first, so the comic had to take a backseat as I did other work. That said, I wanted to make sure I had something for you all before the end of the year! Please enjoy these pages and know that I’ve got a bunch of others that are very close to being finished, so there will definitely not be a giant break between updates again. This is my gift to you, for your patience and understanding. <3

Happy Holidays, everyone! <3 This is also on the first page of the update so everyone can see it.