Atalla Bay Welcomes You

Venetroni Mariel Seier and Nolen Silver are sent to find their colleague Jase Allgood, who went missing after visiting a manor in search of its owner.
Sep 29, 2014A Bad Time to Axe
Sep 29, 2014One Week Ago
Oct 06, 2014Stranded
Oct 13, 2014Local Law
Oct 27, 2014Interrupting Nolen
Nov 10, 2014McCloy's Warning
Nov 17, 2014What We Do
Nov 24, 2014In Charge
Dec 01, 2014Many Questions
Dec 15, 2014On the Shore
Dec 29, 2014You Fight Ghosts?
Jan 19, 2015Basement Archives
Feb 16, 2015Comparing Notes
Feb 23, 2015Rough Patch
Mar 02, 2015Superstition
Mar 16, 2015Locked
Mar 23, 2015All Gone To Pot
Mar 30, 2015Subtle
Apr 06, 2015Behind The Door

Somewhere That's Green

Surprised to find Mason Manor occupied by Professor Reed's assistant, Walter North, Mariel and Nolen (with cranky Mr. Martinson in tow) have to get to the bottom of the disappearances. Their investigation finally leads them to Jase Allgood...and a lot of trouble.
Jul 13, 2015Walter North
Jul 27, 2015Dinner Invitation
Aug 03, 2015We Would
Aug 10, 2015While You Wait
Aug 17, 2015Not Much To Go On
Aug 24, 2015He Returns
Aug 31, 2015It's A Journal
Sep 14, 2015It Is Beyond Me
Sep 28, 2015Let's Go
Oct 05, 2015It'll Do
Nov 16, 2015I Will Ascend
Nov 23, 2015Feasted Upon
Nov 30, 2015Its Face!
Dec 07, 2015Too Late
Dec 14, 2015Regroup
Dec 21, 2015Rescue Party
Jan 11, 2016It Wanted Us Here
Jan 18, 2016Trust Me
Jan 25, 2016Hell's Bells
Feb 15, 2016It's Everywhere!
Feb 22, 2016We're Done Here
Feb 29, 2016On the Attack
Mar 07, 2016Looks Mad
Mar 21, 2016Light Them Up!
Mar 28, 2016It's Enough
Apr 04, 2016Up in Flames
Apr 11, 2016Later
Apr 18, 2016Some Good News
Apr 25, 2016Some Help
May 02, 2016Bee's Knees


It's been months since Atalla Bay, and Mariel is finding herself increasingly frustrated with the Committee's lack of answers. She has little time to question as she, Nolen, and Jase are tasked with the most important case in the Venetronus Orders' history: tracking down a thief who broke into their Archives.
Jun 20, 2016Lights Out
Jun 27, 2016Aftermath
Jul 04, 2016On It, Red
Jul 11, 2016Where Were You?
Jul 18, 2016Shadows of Failure
Aug 01, 2016Reassignment
Aug 15, 2016Make Us Proud
Aug 22, 2016No Answers
Sep 12, 2016Ah Hell
Sep 19, 2016Drive!
Oct 17, 2016Explosive Results
Oct 24, 2016*manic laughter*
Nov 14, 2016My Payment
Nov 21, 2016New Contract
Nov 28, 2016Talk With The Boss
Dec 12, 2016It'll Be Fine
Jan 02, 2017This is Terrible
Jan 09, 2017Friendly Reunion
Jan 16, 2017A Couple Questions
Jan 30, 2017We're Ending This

Dueling Agendas

Mariel, Nolen, and Jase follow Vera's lead to Verorme Marketplace, where they hit a wall until Jase comes up with another way to get information that give Mariel and Nolen pause. Meanwhile, Vera and Brody approach her old boss, proprietor of the magic dueling arena, with a proposal for a job.
Jul 10, 2017You Interested?
Jul 24, 2017Colluding
Jul 31, 2017Alternate Strategy
Aug 07, 2017Hart's Arena
Aug 14, 2017We're Exiles
Aug 21, 2017A Damn Shame
Aug 28, 2017...Right
Sep 11, 2017I Need This
Oct 02, 2017I Aim High
Oct 09, 2017Singing Dirges
Oct 23, 2017Alleged?
Oct 30, 2017Grey Areas
Nov 06, 2017...Damn
Nov 20, 2017Grey Morning
Nov 27, 2017Self-Reflection
Dec 04, 2017Define Screwy
Dec 11, 2017Stop Helping
Jan 01, 2018In This Corner
Jan 15, 2018The Menacing
Jan 22, 2018The Opponent

The Main Event

It all happens at Hart's Arena! Vera, tricked into a duel to the death with her former friend, while Nolen, Jase, and Mariel attempt to get the stolen relic back in a black market auction. Who wins, who loses?
Jul 13, 2018WE LIVE
Jul 16, 2018Oh Swell
Aug 20, 2018Bidding War
Aug 20, 2018Winning Side
Sep 24, 2018Sold
Oct 22, 2018Worst Idea
Oct 22, 2018Magic Nonsense
Oct 22, 2018Let's Ankle!
Dec 03, 2018Here's Hoping
Dec 03, 2018He Said Lyons
Dec 03, 2018Take Us There
Jan 21, 2019Big Talk
Jan 21, 2019Nice Knowing You
Jan 21, 2019We Have to Get Out
Jan 21, 2019Bye Wes
Feb 25, 2019Oh Come On!
Feb 25, 2019Go! Run!
Dec 16, 2019My Car's This Way!
Dec 16, 2019CRUNCH
Feb 10, 2020...They're Right
Feb 10, 2020Crunch!
Feb 10, 2020I Got This!
Feb 10, 2020Retaliation
Feb 10, 2020I Think I Know One


Dec 28, 2015Monday Midday Post
Dec 24, 2018Holiday Card