And that’s Chapter 3! Ending on an ominous to-be-continued-y note!

Sorry for the…eh 2 1/2 hour lateness; I’m sick again. It’s been the absolute worst cold season I’ve had in over a decade, I think. Too much stress and my immune system finally gave out and told me I was on my own.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the chapter, and the story so far! Before I got sick I’d started work on the rest of the volume, and as soon as I’m not dripping goo everywhere, I’ll be back at it. Keep your eyes peeled here, my twitter, tumblr, and instagram for the quickest updates on how things are progressing. When there’s an official start date for Chapter 4, it’ll be all over there, and an official post will be posted here. I’m very excited for the next 2 chapters, they have some stuff I’ve been waiting to get to for a looong time.

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