Long time, no see, everyone! Sorry for the longer hiatus than any of us would’ve wanted. A combination of computer and mental health issues made a regular break into a much longer one, but I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty of it. But, in good news, Arcane Eon will be back next Monday, July 10th! This week you all get to take a look at the cover, which overall I like quite a bit. Chapter 4 is one of my faves so far, where we get some real good glimpses into the backgrounds of the gang, plus seeing a lot more of Zedor City itself. It sets the stage for the final chapter in Volume 2 where everything smashes into each other.

Also, we’ll be at ValCon again this year at the Valley Cottage Library on July 22nd! I’ll have a panel, From Writing to Website, where I’ll talk about my process from going from script to completed page. We’ll also have a couple new cool things at our table, like a Gilded Carnation enamel pin, and some prints. If you’re in the area, come by and say hi!

See you next week for Chapter 4.