You tried, Nolen, you tried. Too bad it just isn’t weak enough against a frost sword technique. Wow, I just got Final Fantasy 9 flashbacks there for a second. Anyway, I’m with Jase for a tactical retreat aka booking it and regrouping.

Well, it’s still the holiday season, and I’m still available for commissions and stocked up in my Etsy store. Get some gifts, and I’ll in turn get some gifts. It’s the circle of gifts!

I’m still consumed by Fallout 4, so while I’m typing this part of my brain is wondering if I should remake a settlement, who should I take with me, how have I managed to get above level 50 without finishing the story? Why am I not playing right now?

See you next week for a new scene in a new setting! And we’ll get to know Jase a little better. 🙂