About Arcane Eon

Arcane Eon is an art deco/art nouveau inspired action adventure fantasy online comic, free for everyone to read! It is about love, loss, and uncovering truth, both personal and forgotten. It will take readers to many corners of the world of Arcane Eon, unraveling the hidden nature of magic, and what that means for each of them and everyone else.

In development since 2003, Arcane Eon has gone through many drafts, alternate titles, and styles. An early version prologue was released on my personal site in 2008, but injuries halted continuing. This turned out to be a good thing, since it gave me time to work through another draft and continue solidifying the world and the characters. Work on the comic picked up again early 2014, and continued in earnest until it was launched. It means a lot to me that I am finally truly able to share this story with you all, and I hope you will stay with me for the ride!


About the Creator

Vanessa Cohen is a freelance illustrator with a background in comics. While she did attend School of Visual Arts for summer classes, she is primarily self-taught. Creating comics has been a lifelong passion of hers, so the realization of Arcane Eon is personally very gratifying.

Vanessa resides in New York, with her family and their Egyptian Mau cat, Jasmine. When not working on the comic, she reads other comics, enjoys gaming, and reruns of MST3K. She has been known to be able to recite dialogue from Bob’s Burgers episodes without prompting.

She was also a co-writer and actor in the indie crime drama, Downcast, and does an occasional rifftrax with her friend and collaborator Christopher Jayawardena. You can find more of her work at her personal site, tumblr, and deviantart.



While Vanessa does the writing and drawing of the comic, it could not be possible without the help and support of the following people:

  • Beverly – website builder, tech troubleshooter, patron, and all around amazing person.
  • Martha Thomases – who has nurtured my interest and love of comics my whole life in innumerable ways, making me feel like I had a place in comics, and continues to support my work to this day.
  • Walter and Louise Simonson – awesome, encouraging people who have mentored and pointed me in the right direction for years.
  • My Patreon patrons – who are great people for supporting and making the comic a possibility.
  • My parents – who provide endless support, encouragement, and love.



When does the comic update?
Arcane Eon updates every Monday.

How do you make the comic?
Each page is thumbnailed in pencil, and scanned into my computer. From there it’s penciled, inked, and lettered in Clip Studio Paint. After that it’s colored in Photoshop. Each page can take 20-24 hours depending on complexity, and drawn with a Wacom Cintiq.

Is this your full time gig or do you do other work?
I still continue to do freelance and commission work until Arcane Eon is sustainable as a full time job.

So you’re available for commissions/comic work?
I am! Contact me for prices and page rates.

Can I support the comic?
You can! I have a Patreon, where you can pledge as little as a dollar, and gain access to exclusive sketches, wallpapers, tutorials, and more!

Will you be going to conventions?
Yes! Keep checking the blog posts, and I’ll announce when there’s one coming up.

Will the comic be available in print?
The first volume has been printed! Link will soon follow.