Adept is the name given to people who manifest magical ability. Many later have other qualifications or labels (Venetronus, exile, duelist), but this is considered the main identifying term for anyone with magic.



Eirtra – Eirtra is the name for natural magic in the world. In adepts, it manifests as limited connection, manipulation, and control of the basic elements. In nature itself, it manifests in many locations, minerals, plants, and animals. Quathin ore and floatwood used in airships both have traces of Eirtra magic in them, granting them their buoyant properties.

Chaos – Chaos is the name for all other forms of magic, an unfortunate misnomer leftover from the early days of Sanctuary’s founding. Fueled by emotion and often mind-affecting, it can be as benign as avoiding notice through the manipulation of light and shadow, to redirection of magic used against an adept, and short term manipulation of negative emotions, such as anger or fear.


Sanctuary and the Venetronus Order

The Sanctuary was once the major place of worship for Caleumites and housed and trained the Venetroni. Since the end of the Great War, the Venetronus Order was reformed as a secular international organization, while religious worship was taken into temples and churches. Sanctuaries are allowed to take any child (generally between ages 10-12) from their families once they are identified as adepts by a Venetronus. Occasionally the family of an adept child applies for special dispensation, which still requires the child go through a form of magical training approved by Sanctuary (often tutors or family members that meet requirements). Those that opt for the Venetronus training go through years of instruction, focusing on the balance between the magical and the physical, between Eitra and Chaos, until they become a young adult. However they are trained, all are expected to pass a final trial, the focus differing for those intending to become full Venetroni, and those applying for a dispensation license. Any who do not pass their final trial are required to receive further instruction and retake their trial in a year’s time, with that year spent with an assigned Venetronus to monitor their progress.

The four Sanctuaries are located in fairly remote areas, always outside the nearest town or city for protection purposes (in case of accidents during training). The Venetroni served as soldiers for Paraoth during Sanctuary’s founding, and for the Coalition of Nations during the Great War, and are still considered their allies if a conflict should arise. However, they consider themselves neutral, their primary purpose being the training of all adepts, and investigation and protection of humanity against all forms of magic.

Each Sanctuary has an Archive, containing all known books and research papers on magic and every magical artifact that has ever been found. They also each have an Inner Sanctum containing the most sacred texts and dangerous tomes of magic in the world. It is in the Inner Sanctum that The Committee of Venetroni, a council made up of Venetroni Masters and Grand Masters from all Sanctuaries come together and discuss training, cases being undertaken by Venetroni and other important matters. Only the highest ranks of the Venetroni are allowed entrance into the Inner Sanctum and the Committee.


Sanctuary Locations

  • Adise Sanctuary, Adisea (Adise Main Island)
  • Darimia Sanctuary, Cale (this Darimian Sanctuary is the youngest and most controversial one, as it was built after the Great War and restructuring of the Order)
  • Norlan Sanctuary, Mount Merrik (Norlan)
  • Paraoth Sanctuary, Perasmar (this Paraothian Sanctuary is the largest, oldest and most powerful)


Venetronus Ranks

  • Master of the Order is the title used for the Venetronus Grand Master chosen to lead the Committee of the Venetroni.
  • First Venetronus is the title given to the respective leader of each Sanctuary.
  • Venetronus Grand Master, a small group of only the most dedicated and talented Venetroni. They are all members of the Committee.
  • Venetronus Master, experienced Venetroni and teachers of the initiates.
  • Venetronus, all initiates who have passed their final trial. They are the ones sent out on cases.
  • Initiates, all students training to become Venetroni.



Adepts without valid license, or serving as a Venetronus are considered exiles by the Order. While the Order denies this, many adepts are able to slip through the cracks as long as they never run across a Venetronus personally to be identified. Adepts or rogue Venetroni who gain notoriety become assigned cases to be hunted down and confronted by Venetroni. Once found, the exile is either arrested or, in extreme circumstances, killed.