Well. That was a definite shock to some people in the room. Nolen glaring at Jase like that feels like almost the whole comic right there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ >:|

So, Patrons of +$5 will get next week’s page inked today. All patrons can see a bunch of peeks of it this week. Storenvy’s got original cards, and the Carnation pin. Keep an eye out for some more stuff later this week, and if there’s anything you’ve seen of mine you’d like to see there, please let me know! Get some art and become my personal hero. 🙂

It’s the eclipse today, right? Keep an eye out for any strange humming sounds, like something from another world, and then the timely appearance of a little venus flytrap-like plant. 😉

See y’all next week. 🙂