Update Monday, May 9th:

I wrote up a post detailed the start date of Chapter 3, and the state of things over at my Patreon (no worries, it should be open for everyone).

In short: Chapter 3 will begin on Monday, June 6th. The cover will be up in about 2 weeks. Sorry for the small break (my chronic pain roared back so it slowed me down).

See you then!


And that’s how a pun telling, crime solving trio came to be! 😀 Now they’re off to investigate more magical mysteries, probably with 50% fewer boats.

That is also the end of Chapter 2, and the first volume. I want to thank you all for reading, for those who were here from the beginning to those who just found AE. Really, comics would go nowhere without readers, so you’re all the best! 🙂

Now, for where that leaves us going forward, keep your eyes peeled here next week when I’ll announce a starting date for Chapter 3. A lot of the heavy lifting for it is done already, but I still need to sort out a few things before I dive into it. In the meantime, there’s sneak peeks at concept art for the chapter up at our tumblr, and more in depth behind-the-scenes previews for patrons at my Patreon.

See you next week everyone, and thank you again for reading!