AE hits triple digits with the end of question time with Vera! 100, can you believe it? My brain boggles about it, swaying from “it’s no big deal” to “be proud of all the time you put into this, dammit.” I would prefer to go with the latter. πŸ™‚ This is also a version of a scene that I’ve had for years and feels very satisfying to get to.

Next week is the final page of the chapter, after which we’ll be on hiatus as I work on the rest of the volume. Keep your eyes peeled here, my twitter, our tumblr, or my instagram for updates and announcement of the starting date for Chapter 4. There might be some cool stuff coming to the site soon as well, so you’ll definitely know that when it happens!

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See you next week for the end of the chapter! Here’s to another 100 pages! πŸ™‚