Happy Halloween! Things are definitely happening now, and Nolen may just have a good idea of where to go once they get outta dodge. 😀

Say good bye to the auction room, since this is the last time we’re seeing it (maybe forever, but who knows for sure). Say hello to the rest of the Arena, because next time we’ll be back to the dueling ring. Keep your eyes peeled here for next month’s official update, er, date.

For my fellow American people GO VOTE (since next update won’t be until after election day). Seriously. VOTE. DO IT.

As always, you can see previews of pages and full pages ahead of time over at my Patreon. This month has been almost all 3D modeling work for the rest of the chapter’s major locations/vehicles while my gf needed my work computer for her prep course. Next month will be a return to regular comic updates, and me assembling my Inktobers into a zine. If you want a copy before anyone else, becoming a patron is the way to go!

To just see my Inktobers, you can find them at my Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. I post all of them there so you can’t miss them.

Thanks for reading, and see y’all next month! 😀