Nolen will be forever frustrated that he can’t stare an old man into listening to him. But look, Martinson’s just that damn determined to not be left alone in the spooky house. Or on the dock. Or out of the action.

In important Broken-Cintiq Tablet News, I am halfway to saving up for a replacement. I am extremely touched and grateful to everyone who has helped out/gotten some kickass art from me so far! I’m trying not to feel frustrated and super stressed from not being able to work; I am not always successful, but I am making an effort.

So, while I know I sound like a broken record, please check out this post about information on the situation. Last week we added a bunch of new stuff to my Etsy store, so check all of that out. And while I can’t do digital commissions, I can do Copic marker ones (well, I also need to replace the ink in my C3 marker because everything work related needed to break for me this last month ahahaha, but still). Tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends!