Honestly, I feel like uncontrollably laughing too right about now. This scene’s done, though, and we are officially 10 pages from the end of the chapter! Hooray! πŸ˜€

Sorry for the slightly late update. Yesterday was a reception for my dad’s paintings, which took up a good portion of the day, and today we got a suddenly!kitten! dropped on our doorstep. Gotta tell ya, things are pretty wild and busy right now.

It is now time, as I play my bitty trumpet, to announce our table number for this weekend’s MegaCon Tampa at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL! As illustrated below, we’ll be at Booth A7 in Artist Alley, which looks like it’s straight back from the entrance on the left side. We’ll have copies of AE Vol. 1 (publicly available for the first time!), buttons, stickers, free bookmarks, prints, postcards & more! If you’re in the area or planning to go to the con, drop by our table and say hi! πŸ™‚


As things have been super hectic between everything going on, the comic itself will unfortunately have to take a 2 week hiatus while we’re away. I felt a pause between scenes would be a more natural place to do it, and once I get back there’ll be no more downtime until the end of the chapter. So! Come back and join me on Monday November 14th when updates resume. See you then! <3