Chief McCloy’s got enough awareness to realize he might not fare as well against something weird as Mariel and Nolen would, but dammit, you kids keep outta regular trouble! I’d recommend McCloy go a little easy on the coffee, it isn’t doing him any favors.

In semi-personal comic related news, this week has been epic in how crappy I’ve felt, so I didn’t get the pages done that I’d like to. There’ll be no hiccups with regular updates here as they have been, though there’ll be no extra pages for a while longer.

Also! Page 6 has been updated, and hopefully is now typo free. And I slightly tweaked the dialogue balloons, for personal preference, really.

Other art news: if you’re looking for some gifts for the holidays already, head over to my Etsy Store, where I’ve restocked with some of my sketchcards. I also accept custom sketchcard commissions through there if nothing catches your eye. 🙂

That’s it for this week. Hope you have a good one, everyone!