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Yes, after a delay that was way longer than I’d like (mostly due to having a computer that mysteriously could no longer handle any of my art programs, then due to life circumstances) we are back with the final chapter of Volume 2! I’m really excited to go through this chapter with you all because it’s got a ton of cool action, chases, funny moments, and some genuine emotion along the way. Plus, it paves the way for Volume 3, and I’m even more excited to show you that since I’m super jazzed about all the main characters getting to (not) get along together.

When it comes to this page, that background in the final panel was a helluva thing to put together. I’m overall glad how the page turned out, though.

If you’re just joining us from ValCon this weekend, welcome aboard! We’re doing things a little differently this chapter. I originally intended to update in batches to see how it improved story flow, but now I’m doing it more out of time needs. What this means is that in each update you will get more pages at once, but that the wait between updates will be longer. That part is a sadness, but I think the flow overall will feel more natural. 🙂

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Next update should be sometime in August. I will post on my social media when I have a solid date, and I will edit this post to reflect it. Until then, keep cool, friends! <3