My how the Mother’s Kiss has grown! Thank god it isn’t singing, right? *ahem* Right. And where’s that screaming coming from? That’s never a good sign.

Drawing plants is fun, if not very time consuming once you get to all those vines and leaves. The coloring of them was probably the longest part. I do enjoy making up new plants, though, you get to draw all this neat stuff.

So! This is my last buffer page. While I am very close to having all of my ducks in a row to get my replacement Cintiq, I doubt that I’ll have it in my hands and back to work in time for an update next week. Consider AE on hiatus, to be back sometime in November (I’m 99.5% sure I’ll be back then, also the next page was about two-thirds of the way done before the tablet died). You will all get a more definite date once I have it, so keep checking the comic’s tumblr or my twitter/personal tumblr for the official announcement. Also, while I haven’t had a tablet, I have been doing a bunch of drawings for Inktober at my personal blog, so check those out to tide you over until more comic time happens.

Keep an eye on my Etsy store too, as I’ll be adding more cards soon. Or just grab some neat stuff while you’re there! Everything helps. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and your patience, and please stick around! This hiatus is just a bump in the road to more comics. 🙂